Sonorous: (adj.) an imposingly deep and full sound

Acrylic, Latex and Enamel on wood panel (2018)



The Arrangement of Lies Series 


Restricted in palette and unconcerned with archival processes, the textural and impermanent qualities in this work certainly owe a debt of gratitude to Richter and Kiefer, and I wish I could say that I had either in mind at the time. Yet, within the framework that these painters constructed, I am working towards a narrative that is autobiographic in nature, written in a visual language that is more directly expressive than some of my previous figurative work. These monochromatic works, with their swirling vortices and gestural marks, began as a new way of processing and expelling some of my most unresolved fears and insecurities. Acrylic, latex and enamel, reclaimed canvas and wood panels, I came to quickly understand that these new materials were more than just an exploration, but a new phase of my work. 

Created by bursts of action and abrupt pauses, these works simultaneously conceal and reveal the artist's hand, invoking the vastness of space while married to calligraphic mark making and gestural abstraction. In terms of contemporary painting, these works are not concerned with a contemporaneous dialogue per se. Rather I acknowledge that these pieces are part of the formation of a larger library of personal experience expressed through basic design principles and problem solving. These paintings are steeped in emotional exploration and submission to chance. 

This series of work offers a visceral response to a dark and fragile emotional state derived of rejection, insecurity and isolation. Glossy and slick, yet subverted with grief and anger, some works reel and spin, layer by layer, while others reference symbols of the infinite and absolute. Surfaces are thick and rich, dark swallows light as paint is poured and splattered. Lines are drawn, then rubbed away by towels, brushes or my own hand. Shadows are cast in large, oppressive shapes on the wood panel and paint cracks as bonds are broken. I seek resolution and escape. What do you seek?